May 4, 2015

Month In Review: April 2015...

♥ Attending Alana & Allie's wedding -- My first gay wedding.
♥ Spending an entire day wandering around New York City with Chastity.
♥ Trips to the mall with Kris and Lisa to buy things we didn't need.
♥ Going to the Mets home opener with Justin at Citi Field.
♥ "Favorite Page #1" visiting from Vermont.
♥ Having a lazy video game Sunday with Chas, Erin, Phil and Rob.
♥ Attending Lisa's dress fitting.
♥ Finding an amazing banana cake recipe and making it for all of my friends.
♥ Visiting the Oxygen and Bravo offices at 30 Rock.
♥ Drunken pool parties.
♥ Sharing the joy of Lip Sync Battle (2015-Present) with various people.
♥ Getting tickets to see Incubus at Jone's Beach in the summer with my sister, her boyfriend and Liz.
♥ Tea parties.
♥ Planning for Iceland and Amsterdam.

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♥ Lip Sync Battle (2015-Present) ♥
 ♥ Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber (2015) ♥ 
♥ Tallest Virgin In The World (2015-Present) ♥


  1. Lip Sync Battle is AWESOME. I love that show!

    1. It is honestly my new favorite show and I make people that come over my apartment watch it.