December 3, 2015

Twenty-Five Things That Make Me Happy...

For the past couple of days various people and situations have been seriously stressing me out (Like I have a giant cold sore on my bottom lip to show for it), so I thought it was time to think of some happy thoughts and do "Twenty-Five Things That Make Me Happy" post, which is a post I've done on a handful of occasions in the past when I've been blah (Here and here are some other things that make me happy).

  1. The smell of honeysuckles.
  2. Going on random adventures.
  3. Bread fresh out of the oven with lots of butter.
  4. Polaroid pictures.
  5. A good cup of tea.
  6. Lazy Sundays.
  7. Finding a new blog to read.
  8. Going to concerts. 
  9. Pie plates with recipes.
  10. Coloring books.
  11. Having drinks with friends for no reason.
  12. Fresh flowers.
  13. New makeup. 
  14. My mom's banana pudding.
  15. Silly Snapchats from my friends.
  16. Going to the beach.
  17. Nella howling.
  18. When Justin and I go out to dinner for no reason.
  19. Getting a new camera.
  20. Finding an awesome thing from the thrift store.
  21. Dinner parties.
  22. Freshly dyed hair.
  23. Surprise packages in the mail.
  24. Cookbooks with lots of pictures.
  25. The sound of brass bells.
I would love to know what makes you happen. Lemme know down below, or make your own post and tell me about it. I'd love to check it out.
Adventures of a Misfit Librarian


  1. Those are all very good things.

    I need to make a similar list because there are a few things that are making me very UNhappy right now...