February 29, 2012

11 Things...

I saw this 11 thing question thingy over at Little Chief Honeybee and wanted to do it. Here was go...

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.


1. I want to get my PhD in Library and Information Science because I want to forced everyone to call me Doctor.

2. I'm over 6 inches taller than my sister. I'm not super tall or anything, she is just short.

3. My favorite animals are ducks and I've wanted one as a pet for as long as I can remember, but my parents wouldn't let me have one. Hopefully one day I can have a house with a big ol' yard so I can eventually get myself a pet duck.

4. The only meat I eat is bacon and it has to be crispy, if it isn't crispy I won't eat it.

5. On my 21st birthday (Which was on a Saturday) I found out that I needed my gall bladder removed. Instead of having emergency surgery like the ER doctor suggested I went back to campus (Yup, I was away at college when this all happened), got my friends and had a birthday party. The next day Patrick & my sister (Who came up to visit me for my birthday) drove me back to Long Island. I was admitted to the ER on Monday morning and I had my gall bladder removed Tuesday afternoon. So, March 7th is the 6-year anniversary of me loosing my gall.

6. I have a sick obsession with ghosts, cemeteries and the idea of witchcraft.

7. The Random House Book of Poetry for Children is one of my favorite books from my childhood and I own two copies of it -- I have more than one copy of it because I thought I lost my original copy and bought myself another copy, then I found the original copy and I was annoyed.

8. If I have a daughter I am going to name her Lola in honor of my grandmother.

9. When I evacuated my house because Hurricane Irene I made sure to take my cat's ashes with me because I couldn't bare the thought of loosing what I have left of her -- I had her for 18-years of my life and I loved her more than I love Justin, so not taking them was never an option.

10. I have a collection of random kitchy kitchen items that I am saving for when Justin and I finally move in with each other. I have oven mitts with Japanese food characters on them, odd cookie cutters, mugs & glasses, a ceramic pancake warmer, etc.

11. I love melted Polly-O mozzarella (Chunks of Polly-O melted in a microwave on a plate) and saltines. It's delicious and I wish I had some right now.


1. Do you believe in astrology? Why or why not?
Totally. If you read the description of a Pisces you have read an accurate description of me.

2. If you could teleport to any time and place, where would you go and why?
I would love to be on the Titanic before all the chaos. So, April 10th 1912 to April 14th 1912.

3. What are the three closest items to you right now?
My blanket, iPhone and the TV remote.

4. If you had a spirit animal, what would it be?
I'd totally be a wolverine.
5. What is your earliest childhood memory?
I'm totally blanking on my childhood right now.

6. Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
I'm hoping to be the head of the youth services department at my library.

7. Have you kept in touch with your childhood best friend(s)?
No. She and I had a falling out long ago. But I am still friends with my friends from middle school and high school (Erin, Phil, Patrick, etc.)

8. If you had to describe yourself in 5 words, what would they be?
Creative. Loud. Domineering. Chaotic. Cuban.

9. Describe your idea of a perfect day: Where would you go, what would you do, who would you do it with?
My perfect day would consist of me having off from work, some beautiful weather, Justin/Erin/Phil/"Favorite Page #1"/My Sister, my camera, a cemetery/NYC/yummy food/etc. All of that stuff makes me happy.

10. What kind of "weird" foods do you like?
I love this dessert called dulce de leche cortada. It is cooked sweetened curdled milk. It sounds really gross but it is so yummy. It's a Cuban thing...

11. Do you collect anything? If so, what?
I collect a lot of things... LPs, Russian nesting dolls, old cameras, jade Buddhas, shot glasses, nail polish, makeup, etc.


1. Who is your favorite author?
2. Do you remember your dreams? If so, what did you dream about last?
3. What did you want to be when you grew up?
4. What is your favorite article of clothing?
5. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
6. What is your ultimate comfort food?
7. Do you suffer from any phobias?
8. As a child did you have an imaginary friend?
9. What is your favorite sound?
10. Could you go a week without going on the internet?
11. What would your "last meal" be?

I tag: Lou, Jess, Mandi, Jessica, Kaity & any of you lovelies that wants to do it.

Wanna Be A March Sponsor?...

Want to sponsor Adventures of a Misfit Librarian in March? Well, if you're willing to swap ads e-mail me at with a 150x150 ad and I'll send you an ad of your size specifications.

Vote For Me Please...

I mentioned in "Nominated For A Blog Award..." that I had been nominated for Fascination Award: 2012's Most Fascinating Librarian blog. Well, the voting has started and I'd totally appreciate it if you all voted for me (Just click on one of the "Vote for Me" buttons)! Thanks lovelies!

I Won Something!...

I'm so excited! I won a free blog design from Amie over at Completely Unfinished.

I haven't told her what I want yet because I'm trying to figure out what exactly I would like my blog to look like. Obviously I need library related things floating around (Book cards, date stamps, typewriter font) and I need to figure out if I want it to be a certain color. So many things to think about!

365 Days Of Pictures: Day 364...

February 29th: Something You're Listening To
"We Found Love" by Rihanna

We Found Love by Rihanna on Grooveshark

March Photo-A-Day Challange...

Because I've enjoyed doing the February Photo a Day challenge Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim made so much I decided to do the March Photo a Day also. Here's the list of photos that will be taken throughout the course of March...

How to take part in March photo-a-day:
1. Using the list as inspiration, take a photo each day.
2. Share it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #Marchphotoaday. You can also share on your blog or on Facebook ... or even keep the photos privately for yourself.
3. Check out other people's photos and like them or comment on them.

February 27, 2012

365 Days Of Pictures: Day 362...

February 27th: Something You Ate
Falafel chips and garlic hummus from Trader Joe's. So yummy!

February 26, 2012

Lattes, Libraries & Lunch...

NYC Coffee & Tea Festival 2012...

After hearing about the Coffee and Tea Festival NYC last year and seeing all the random swag I brought home my mother had been hounding me to go, so that is what we did today. My mother, sister and I headed into NYC to drink some coffee and tea.

We spent a few hours at the festival (Getting our caffeine on) and then we decided to wander around. We visited the New York Public Library (Which I'd never been to before) and walked around Bryant Park, had lunch and heading back to Long Island. It was a nice little mother-daughter(s) day.

My Birthday Is In A Week!...

(via: Blunt Card)

February 25, 2012

365 Days Of Pictures: Day 360...

February 25th: Green
Some green nail polish from the nail salon.

This Just Pinned...

I got a tweet from Kelly (@TheBookButcher, formally @LemmeLibrary) about a blog project she started up called "This Just Pinned" and since I decided to do it here is the information about it...

What is better than spending hours on Pinterest looking for amazing things to make, bake or laugh at? Looking at what other bloggers have spent hours looking for!! I have a mild obsession with Pinterest. I have a feeling that a lot of you share my obsession. So instead of having a 12 step program to solve our Pinterest Addiction, let's get together and share our addiction! I hope that you will flock here and share your weekly Pinterest finds.

1. Continue to spend hours on Pinterest each week.
2. Create a post each Friday that highlights your favorites of the week.
3. Come to The Book Butcher each Friday morning and share the link to your post. Link to the actual post, not your whole blog or Pinterest page.
4. Lots of kids visit this site, so rated R pins are discouraged, but I am not one to censor.
5. Visit the blogs that have linked up. Leave a comment. Make a new friend.
6. Don't link to your Pinterest board.
7. You are welcome, but not required to use this image in your Pinterest post.

February 24, 2012

Fairies In The Library...

I know how weird this is gonna sound, but I was talking to "Marie" about fairy doors last night and I decided to search online for a good example of one when I came across a page from Urban Fairies that featured a fairy set up from the Ann Arbor District Library in Ann Arbor Michigan.

Look at these!

How amazing are they?! I want to make a mansion out of books for fairies at my library!! Obviously if I do I will very much so post about it.

Library Article...

Who's Lurking In Your Library?

February 23, 2012

365 Days Of Pictures: Day 358...

February 23rd: Your Shoes
My beat up knit Uggs that everyone that doesn't know any better thinks are weird slippers.

February 22, 2012

365 Days Of Pictures: Day 357...

February 22nd: Where You Work
Here is my desk!

February 21, 2012

Teen Sex In The Restroom...

I dealt with some bull tonight at work. I went to use the public restroom (Because it's closer than going to the staff restrooms) and I caught three teenage girls and three teenage boys in the women's restroom with the lights off doing God knows what. I went to scream for "Emily" to call the Security Guard and the six of them ran out of the library.

I knew who one of the girls was (She was the one whose father called me in December from my post More Good Parenting who begged me to call him if she does anything bad) so I called her father and left him a voicemail about what I caught her doing.

I cannot tell you how pissed off I was that I had to deal with all of this tonight. All I can say is I cannot wait for them to show their faces again and for me to inform them that they are no longer allowed in the library until we speak to their parents.

Library Articles...

Librarians Hope To Build Readers On 'Hunger Games' Excitement
One Library For The Entire World
New Teen Hangout: The Library
Mayor Bloomberg Announces New Job Center At Brooklyn Public Library To Assist Unemployed

365 Days Of Pictures: Day 356...

February 21st: A Fave Photo Of You
I love this picture of me on the London Eye from my European adventure in 2010. I also miss my pretty long hair.

February 20, 2012


One of my wacky normal patrons gave me an N64 a couple of weeks ago and I told her when I saw her today that my boyfriend and I really enjoy having it. For some reason her stupid self asked our Security Guard how he was enjoying the N64. I didn't know this until after she left because I would have put her in her place. But I'm pretty sure that she assumed what she did because I had The Girls with me for Video Game Night and they just so happen to be biracial. Stupid patrons.

365 Days Of Pictures: Day 355...

February 20th: Handwriting

Library Article...

Presidents' Day: Meet The Mt. Rushmore Four At The Nixon Library

Nominated For A Blog Award...

I woke up this morning to this in my inbox...
Accelerated Degree ProgramsAccelerated Degree ProgramsAccelerated Degree Programs
Hi there,

An article you wrote in 2011 titled A Rarity... Good Parenting... has earned your blog a nomination for a Fascination Award: 2012's Most Fascinating Librarian blog.

The comments posted in response to your post prove that your content
not only inspires your audience, but it also creates discussion around your posts, both of which are requirements for the nomination of a Fascination award.

As a nominee of this award, you will receive a $25 restaurant gift card and full permission to display the "Nominated" emblem on your website. To learn more about the contest, the rules, or the prizes, click here: 2012 Fascination Awards Rules & Prizes.

To get started:
  1. Accept your nomination and receive your $25 restaurant gift card by replying to this email by Friday February 24th (11:59 PM EST).
  2. Claim your "Nominated" badge to display on your blog: Nominated Badge

Voting begins February 27th at 12:01 AM (EST). The blog with the most votes by March 6th at 11:59 PM (EST) will win the grand prize, a $200 restaurant gift card.

Good luck and thank you for your participation!

Matthew Pelletier
Director of Public Relations
Accelerated Degree Programs

I don't know who nominated me, but thank you.
accelerated degreesaccelerated degreesaccelerated degrees