April 1, 2017

Months In Review: February & March 2017...

♥ Celebrating mine and Justin's fourteen year dating anniversary.
♥ Going bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister and Lisa.
♥ Getting tickets to see Incubus at Jones Beach with my sister, Erik and Nicole.
♥ Coming up with an initial game plan for Phil's bachelor party.
♥ Finding Loughlin Vineyard and spending an amazing afternoon there with my friends.
♥ Celebrating my birthday early with an attempted mozzarella stick cake from Toni.
♥ Video games, sushi and beer at mine and Justin's apartment with Phil.
♥ Planning my sister's bridal shower with our mother.
♥ Justin booking Airbnb's for our trip to Spain.
♥ Playing Stardew Valley on PS4.
♥ Not being sucked into the cult that is LuLaRoe despite Nicole's attempt at it by giving me a pair of leggings (Not gonna lie, they are comfy leggings but I'm a Cuban chick with a fat ass and that is why LuLaRoe and I can't be friends).

♥ Celebrating my thirty-second birthday with my friends and family.
♥ Seeing My Favorite Murder live at the Beacon.
♥ Attending Then She Fell with Justin, Phil, Rob, Other Justin & Jackie.
♥ Eating ramen at Ichiran with my boys.
♥ Booking Phil's Colorado bachelor party.
♥ Hanging out with my college friends in NYC.
♥ Going to Albany with Nicole for Library Advocacy Day.
♥ Brunch. Lots and lots of brunch.
Preschool Yoga & Wary Grandparents
Being K's Bridesmaid | Bridesmaid Dress Shopping
Brunch & Wine
My New Obsession | Stardew Valley

Library Life | Naked Man In The Restroom
Birthday Recap | Boozy Brunch & My Favorite Murder
Then She Fell
K & P's Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties
♥ The Girl With All The Gifts (2016) ♥
♥ Beauty & The Beast (2017) ♥
♥ Vinny & Ma Eat America (2016 - Present) ♥
♥ The Great British Bake Off (2010 - Present) ♥
♥ Talk Show The Game Show (2017 - Present) ♥
 ♥ "You Don't Look Fat, You Look Crazy" by Ashley Longshore
"Who Killed These Girls?" by Beverly Lowry

 ♥ Dumb People Town
 ♥ The Purrrcast
True Crime Guys

Stardew Valley

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