November 30, 2015

Target x BaubleBar | Launch Fail...

Yesterday Target launched a line of tech accessories with online jewelry retailer BaubleBar and because some of the pieces looked nice I figured I'd wander into my local Target to check out the collection.
(via: BaubleBar)

Since the collection was from BaubleBar I headed over to the accessories department to see if there was a display. No display anywhere in the accessories department. Okay, if it isn't in the accessories department I figured it must be in the electronics department because it was a collection of tech accessories. Nope. No display.

So I head over to the counter in electronics and ask the guy there about the collection. He looks at me like I have five heads. As I was talking him another employee walks over and he begins to ask her about it. She, like him, looks at me like I have five heads when I start to speak with her about the collection and she proceeds to ask me what a bauble was.

Trying to hide how exacerbated I was I opened Refinery 29's article about the collection, as well as several other to show the two employees that I am not some crazy person babbling about baubles.

They looked at the articles, saw that I was talking about a real thing and began calling other employees over. After dealing with a total of five Target employees they realize that they do indeed have pieces from the collection in the back room and that's when I made them pull every thing from the stock room so Liz and I could look at everything.

It took them thirty minutes (In which I bitched on Twitter about the whole situation) but they pulled almost everything and we got to look through it all, pick out our items and buy them.
Later on in the day after all the tweeting, an Instagram post with a caption complaining about how poorly the launch was handled and some Snapchats, I found out that it wasn't just my Target that had problems with the launch. I spoke to four other people in different states that said the same exact thing that happened to me happened to them at their various Targets.

As annoying as the whole thing was I do enjoy what I did end up purchasing, which was the BaubleBar Clover Make Noise Earbuds ($19.99) and the BaubleBar Amanda Struggle Cover Up Phone Case ($29.99) -- Liz ended up getting the BaubleBar Gold Gem Make Noise Headphones ($39.99).
Did anyone else try to hit up there local Target for this collection? If you did let me know how everything went for you? If you didn't and you're interesting in the collection, here it is so you can order it offline instead of dealing with the store and having a cluster fuck of a time like I did.

November 28, 2015

Sephora VIB 20% Sale Haul...

Since I shared my wishlist for the Sephora VIB 20% Sale with you in the beginning of the month, I figured I should show you what I actually ended up purchasing...
  1. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector® Opal Glow On The Go -- $20.00
  2. Urban Decay Naked Smoky -- $54.00*
  3. Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack -- $20.00 
  4. Urban Decay Naked2 Basics -- $29.00*
  5. Clarisonic Mia 2 Lavender Hydration Skin Cleansing System -- $149.00
  6. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (Light/Medium) -- $42.00
  7. Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Hand Cream -- $15.00
If you remember my original wishlist (I don't actually expect you to remember it) you'll notice that I got four out of the nine items on it, as well as three additional items. Two out of those three are not for me (My sister asked me to buy them for her for Christmas) but I figured I'd mention them here only because I actually own and am on my second Urban Decay Naked2 Basics palette and the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette looks nice. The Clarisonic on the other hand was a spontaneous purchase I made for myself while in the store with my mother and I'm glad I did it because I've been thinking about getting one for a long time.

Overall I'm super happy with all my purchases and love racking up Sephora points.

If any of you picked up anything during the sale I'd love to know what you got!

November 24, 2015

Drinks With Friends | Street Art...

This past weekend Justin and I went into New York City to go day drinking with a bunch of my college friends that we haven't seen in way too long. And because of the nature of the outing (Getting shitfaced in the early afternoon) I didn't end up with many pictures of my friends and I once the festivities began because I was busy partaking (Getting white girl wasted and taking ridiculous Snapchats walking through a park with my friends, which I wish I would have saved because it was pretty funny).

Since you all basically get the gist of how my Saturday went, I thought that I'd share some of the pictures I took of street art before I got to my friends at Croxley's Ales and started drinking Half & Halfs. Which are made as follows...

Half & Half
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whiskey
Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka
• Lemonade
• Mint
• Lemon Slices

Pour Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whiskey, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka & lemonade over ice. Garnish with mint and lemon slices. Drink way faster than you should because you can't taste the booze.

Yeah, so here are those pictures...
I don't know about you guys but I absolutely love street art. I especially love the first picture with the sticker art mixed with the graffiti and the red door, there is just something visually pleasing about it all to me.

What about you guys? What are your thoughts on strert art, graffiti or whatever? Do you find it beautiful like me or an eyesore? Lemme know!

NOTE: All of this art was found wandering down 3rd Avenue on our way to Alphabet City.

November 22, 2015

Sunday Steal...

Would You Rather Be Stuck On An Island Alone Or With Someone Who Talks Incessantly?  
Probably alone. I'm a Pisces, I can entertain myself.

Would You Rather Be Too Hot Or Too Cold?
I don't like being cold but I guess cold because you can wear layers.

Would You Rather Have A Cook Or A Maid?
Maid. I hate cleaning but I love cooking.

Would You Rather Be The Youngest Or The Oldest Sibling? 
I am the oldest sibling and I like being the oldest.

Would You Rather Get Rich Through Hard Work Or Through Winning The Lottery?
Winning the lottery. I'm lazy. Why do you think I'm a librarian?

Would You Rather Have A 10-Hour Dinner With A Headstrong Politician From An Opposing Party, Or Attend A 10-Hour Concert For A Music Group You Detest?
Dinner. People speaking is easier to ignore than bad music. 

Would You Rather Be An Olympic Gold Medalist Or A Nobel Peace Prize Winner? 
Nobel Peace Prize because people would assume I was smart.

Would You Rather Have A Desk Job Or An Outdoor Job?  
I'm a librarian... Which do you think I'd pick...   

Would You Rather Live At The Top Of A Tall NYC Apartment Building Or At The Top Of A Mountain? 
Do I have super nice house on the top of the mountain? Can I drive to the house? I need to know!    

Would You Rather Have Rambo Or The Terminator On Your Side?
The Terminator.

Would You Rather Be Proposed To In Private Or In Front Of Family & Friends? 
Private. Which I was.

Would You Rather Have To Sew All Your Clothes Or Grow Your Own Food? 
Do I have to sew by hand or can I use my sewing machine (Yes, I have a sewing machine)? Is my food magical and can I grow anything I want any time of the year?  

Would You Rather Hear The Good News Or The Bad News First?
Bad news.

Would You Rather Be Your Own Boss Or Work For Someone Else? 
My own boss.

Would You Rather Have Nosy Neighbors Or Noisy Neighbors? 
Nosy all the way.

Would You Rather Be On A Survival Reality Show Or Dating Game Show?     
Dating game. Unless it was like the Hunger Games and it was survival to the death.

Would You Rather Be Too Busy Or Be Bored? 
Depends what I was busy doing.

Would You Rather Watch The Big Game At Home Or Live At The Stadium? 

Would You Rather Spend The Day With Your Favorite Athlete Or Your Favorite Movie Star? 
Movie star.

Would You Rather Live Where It Is Constantly Winter Or Where It Is Constantly Summer?
Constantly summer all the way.

Stuck In My Head: Don't Look Back In Anger...

This is such a cliché song to have stuck in my head, especially since it's stuck in my head after being drunk in New York City yesterday but I have Oasis' 1996 single "Don't Look Back In Anger" playing on loop in my brain. And obviously beause I can't get it out of my head, I'm going to get it stuck in yours...

FYI - I may or may not have a Snapchat up of me singing this in my intoxicated state last night...

November 13, 2015

This Just Pinned: Week One Hundred & Forty-Eight...

 Here are the highlights of my last few weeks pinning...
(via: Pinterest)
(via: Land O Lakes)

As always if you want to see what else I have up on Pinterest you can check out my account here.

November 12, 2015

So Excited | My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Trailer...

So, yesterday the trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was released and I don't know about you guys but I am as excited as Jessie Spano on pills -- I literally squealed, watched the trailer like three times and proceeded to harass my friends and sister on Facebook until someone would indulge me and send My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) quotes/memes back and forth with me in the comments of my original Facebook post about the trailer. Yeah, I was a little bit ridiculous last night when I saw it but I have no regrets because I love My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002).

That all being said, I thought that I'd share the trailer with all of you that haven't seen it (Or for those of you like me and just want to watch it for the tenth time). So here it is...

Gold Circle Entertainment and HBO present a Playtone production of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, the long-awaited follow-up to the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time.  Written by Academy Award® nominee Nia Vardalos, who stars alongside the entire returning cast of favorites, the film reveals a Portokalos family secret that will bring the beloved characters back together for an even bigger and Greeker wedding.     

Kirk Jones (Nanny McPhee, Waking Ned Devine) directs the next chapter of the film that will be once again produced by Rita Wilson and Playtone partners Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman.  Paul Brooks and Steve Shareshian return to executive produce alongside Vardalos and Scott Niemeyer.  Universal Pictures will distribute the comedy domestically and in select international territories.
Genre: Comedy           
Cast: Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Lainie Kazan, Gia Carides, Joey Fatone, Elena Kampouris, Alex Wolff, Louis Mandylor, Bess Meisler, Bruce Gray, Fiona Reid, Ian Gomez, Jayne Eastwood, Mark  Margolis, Andrea Martin, Michael Constantine
Directed by: Kirk Jones
Screenplay by: Nia Vardalos
Produced by: Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Gary Goetzman
Executive Producers: Paul Brooks, Scott Niemeyer, Steve Shareshian, Nia Vardalos
Release Date: March 25, 2016

So yeah, I know exactly what I'm doing March 25th, 2016...

Another thing that made me happy is that Joey Fatone is in this one too. I'm so glad there will be some Angelo!

Is anyone else as excited as I am for this movie? If you are, comment with your favorite My Big Fat Greek Wedding quote or meme. I'd really love it if you did.

FUN FACT: The whole time I was in Greece with Justin on our honeymoon and I'd post to Facebook about whatever it was that we were doing, one of my friends would send a My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) quote in the comments. Which confused Justin because he has never seen the movie and didn't understand all of the "What do you mean he don't eat no meat? ...Oh, that's okay. I make lamb" replies to my statuses.

Sephora Wishlist | VIB 20% Sale...

As you may or may not know, I am a beauty junkie. So it should be no surprise to anyone that I am a Sephora VIB, which is a status you get once you've spent over $350 at Sephora within a calendar year (Yes, I've spent and/or suckered people into using my Sephora card when shopping to reach VIB status). So, tomorrow is the start of Sephora's annual holiday VIB 20% off sale (Which is running from November 13th through November 16th, 2015 and the code is VIB20, but it will only work if you are indeed a VIB) and as Sephora VIB I have tons of things in my shopping basket and another ton of things that I wish I could get but can't because I am not rich.

Because a girl can dream, I put together a little wishlist of thing that I would buy throughout the course of the sale. And here that is for any of you that care...
  1. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (Light/Medium) -- $42.00
  2. Commodity Magnolia -- $99.00
  3. Sunday Riley Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit -- $78.00
  4. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Damned) -- $20.00
  5. Tocca Beauty Meet The Girls Fragrance Collection -- $62.00
  6. Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Hand Cream -- $15.00
  7. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector® Opal Glow On The Go -- $20.00
  8. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask -- $26.00
  9. Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack -- $20.00
I am definitely purchasing the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (Light/Medium) because I have it in a darker shade and I absolutely love it but my tan has faded and the darker shade is looking a bit too dark on me right now, so I NEED it in the lighter shade.

I'm also getting the Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack mask because I've used their sheet masks before and I wanna try this out. And I'm going to pick up the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector® Opal Glow On The Go because I've had a sample of it before and think it's just beautiful. If the Sunday Riley Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit available (The site claims that there are only a few left) I'll pick that up and try it because I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the Sunday Riley range of products.

Are any of you VIBs? If so, what are you purchasing during the 20% off sale? I'd love to know.

November 5, 2015

Halloween 2015...

As you all know Halloween was last Saturday and even though I wasn't feeling it the week leading up to it, I got into the spirit the day of after running around with Day and helping her set up for her party.
We started off our Halloween by going to our favorite nail salon and getting our nails done, we followed that up with a trip to Michael's to pick up odds and ends to put the finishing touches on her costume, then we went to pick up a bunch of liquor to make drinks for the party, then we stopped by Amanda's to pick up some decorations she had, ate a quick lunch at a little panini place in town and then headed back to her apartment to set everything up and get ourselves ready.

We got the apartment decorated relatively quickly (Erin was with us at this point), so we started getting some drinks ready -- We made Angry Balls shots which is Angry Orchard and Fireball Cinnamon Whisky mixed together, as well as a concoction we called Witches Brew which was a combination of Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka, sparkling wine, grapefruit juice and mint simple syrup -- and drinking some drinks. And around 5:00PM we started getting ready.

Unfortunately forty-five minutes into me doing Day's makeup we realized that the two types of body paint she bought sucked and she had to go take a shower, then we had to come up with a new game plan and start all over again. Thankfully the second time was a charm and her pretty Ursula makeup came out amazing.

Once I was done with her makeup I moved on to Erin's devil makeup and then my own, which looked good but because I couldn't find a brown dress to wear as my costume the whole look I was going for didn't end up happening. And instead of pretty Scar I looked more like a Jersey Housewife dress like a cat, whatever.

Eventually everyone trickled into the party and we had a grand old time pre-gaming before we decided it was time to hit up one of the local bars and dance the rest of Halloween (And then some) away.

I love Halloween and hanging out with my friends, so it was a great night. I can't wait until next year.

Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos On DVD...

Back in July I wrote a post about the then upcoming movie Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos (2015) because it was officially the first time a Mexican animated feature had received wide release distribution in theaters across the United States. And since it's coming out on DVD on December 1st I wanted to give it a little shout out again because it is a first for a Spanish language animation in terms of distribution in the United States, plus for those of you that don't speak Spanish there is an all-new English version voiced by an all-star cast titled Huevos: Little Rooster’s Egg-cellent Adventure exclusively on the DVD.

Here are the Spanish and English trailers for the movie...
Toto (voiced by Bruno Bichir) is the kindest rooster in the henhouse, but when the evil landlord of the farm he lives in threatens to destroy his family and home Toto is forced to become a brave rooster. That’s when Toto and his friends (Voiced by Angelica Vale, Maite Perroni, Omar Chaparro, Ninel Conde, Carlos Espejel) join forces in an egg-cellent adventure that teaches us that the big surprises can come in small packages.  
Genre: Animation
Cast: Angélica Vale, Jaime Aymerich, Bruno Bichir, Omar Chaparro, Carlos Espejel & Maite Perroni
Director: Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste
Writers: Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Rating: N/A

Eggs-perience a fun-filled adventure that will crack up the entire family! Rolo is a teenage rooster who’s more than a little chicken. When an evil rancher threatens his home and family, Rolo is determined to rise to the occasion. Together with a dozen of his egg friends, Rolo hatches a plan to save the day—and the farm—in this smile-making, full-length animated feature.

November 2, 2015

Sisters In The City | Movie Tours, Musicals & Cuban Food...

As I mentioned in passing in my Stuck In My Head | Gloria Estefan post back in September, I was invited by On Location Tours to pick out and go on one of their tours with a guest for free. So I asked my sister if she wanted to join me and when she said yes (She rarely says no when I ask her to be my guest to random events), we set up a whole sister day in New York City based around going on their NYC TV & Movie Tour and seeing On Your Feet: The Story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan on Broadway.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that we went and had our sister day a little over a week ago and here's how everything was...

Because we had to be at the meeting spot in front of Ellen's Stardust Diner by 9:45am for the tour Kris and I caught a decently early train, which we were glad about because we were able to get ourselves some coffee and it left us with a little wiggle room in terms of getting to where we needed to be. And can I tell you, it was good thing we had that wiggle room because for some reason the subway was running wonky. The line we needed was running on a different track and it took us a little while to realize that.

After we figured everything out everything was good. We got to Ellen's with time to spare, we waited on line with the other tour attendees and chit chatted with each other before we were escorted to the On Location Tours' bus which was waiting for us across the street by our tour guide.

Once on the bus our guide introduced himself, told us about the tour we were taking and showed us a little video of with Willie Garson talking about what it's like to film a movie/television show on location in a city like New York City before we were off.
The tour, which lasted about two and a half hours, brought us past site where various movies and television shows had filmed over the years all over New York City and included stops at Columbus Circle where scenes from I Am Legend (2007) were shot, the FDNY Hook & Ladder 8 Firehouse in Tribeca that was the home of the Ghostbusters’ (1984) Firehouse, as well as the Greenwich Village apartment that Monica, Chandler, Joey and Rachel lived in in Friends (1994-2004).
I'm not going to lie, at first when we started the tour I was a little unsure of how I'd feel about it because I'm from New York and I go into New York City frequently. But as soon as we started all of that went away. I learned some pretty interesting facts about some of my favorite movies and television shows that I didn't know, and got to experience the city in a way that I never had before.

So over all the tour was really pretty good. The only thing that would have made it better is if I totally was unfamiliar with New York City, and that's on me. But yeah, if you are interested in film and going to be visiting New York City I highly recommend checking out what On Location Tours has to offer.

After the movie tour Kris and I wandered around a bit trying to figure out what we wanted to eat before heading over to the Marquis Theatre to see the matinee of On Your Feet: The Story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan -- Which was amazing, we both loved it and would totally recommend it if you enjoy Gloria's music.
Once the show was over we hopped on the subway and headed downtown to have Cuban food in the village at Cuba. And can I tell you, we ordered so much food. It was great.
When we were done stuffing our faces we hopped back on the subway and headed uptown to Penn Station, where I caught a train home and she waited for her boyfriend because they had plans in the city for the rest of the evening.

It was such a great day. I love doing randomness with my sister and I can't wait for our next little random sister date day.