January 31, 2013

Fourteen Days Of Love Instagram Challange...

Mandy over at Miss Indie is doing this super cute Instagram challenge and since I'm going to do it I thought that I'd share the list with all of you in case any of you are interesting in joining the challange.
Here are Mandy's rules: The challenge will start on February 1st and end on Valentine's Day. Each day will have a different theme, and you just have to take a picture of that item that you love (movie you love, favorite possession you love, quote you love, etc), and use the hashtag #14DaysofLove.

Catching Up With Friends...

The past couple of days I haven't done anything epic but I did get to spend time with friends I haven't spent time with in a while.

Tuesday night I headed to Erin's after getting off from work because we hadn't seen each other in over a week (We don't normally go that long without hanging out). At first we tried to get in touch with Maria to see if she wanted to do something with us but she was nowhere to be found. Eventually, due to randomness on Facebook, we got in touch with Patrick and talked him into come over to Erin's to just have a nice chill evening. The three of us ended up spending the night watching movies and just doing nothing. It was real nice because I honestly don't remember the last time I got to see Patrick and it lead to us planning a big dinner/video game night Friday night with Phil, Justin and some others, which I'm totally looking forward to.

Wednesday night I got out of work early so Erin and I decided it was the perfect day to drive into Queen to see our friend and her daughter. Again, we really didn't do anything except order in food and talk but I hadn't been over there since before Santa Con so I really didn't care.

So it wasn't the most exciting of weeks as of thus far but hey, I enjoyed hanging out with my friends.

February Photo-A-Day...

Here is the photo a day list Fat Mum Slim made for February...
How to take part in February photo-a-day:
1. Using the list as inspiration, take a photo each day.
2. Share it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FMSphotoaday You can also share on your blog or on Facebook ... or even keep the photos privately for yourself.
3. Check out other people's photos and like them or comment on them.

January 28, 2013

I'm On Vine, Are You?...

I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm on Vine (It is a video-sharing service app that Twitter recently launched -- Think Instagram for videos) now and I wanted to know if any of you guys are using the app also. If you are leave me a comment and I'll totally check out your videos.

January 27, 2013

Sunday Social...

What Is Your Ideal Way To Relax?
A glass of wine/champagne, a bed and some TV is always a nice.

Where Is Your Favorite Place To Be?
Justin's couch.

Who Do You Consider Your Biggest Roll Model?
Hmm...I guess my dad.

What Does Your Life Look Like In 3 Years?
I'm hoping that Justin and I will have finally bought a house together, gotten married & I'd be back at school working on my PHD in Library Science.

If You Could Go Back & Change One Decision What Would It Be?
I would have saved more money while I was still in grad school before my student loans popped up.

What Is Your Biggest Accomplishment In Life Thus Far?
I guess just getting my Masters, having a job within my field of study and loving it.

January 26, 2013

Sweet Little Day..

Ever have one of those days where you didn't actually have any plans but it ended up being an awesome day?  Well, that was today for Justin and I. We didn't make any plans ahead of time for this fine Saturday yet had this really nice day together.

When I got to his place this morning I was really craving food from this one particular restaurant in Huntington Village and I mentioned it to him not thinking that he'd actually want to go because of the drive, but he surprised me said he was down to go there. So after having some coffee we set out on what would be our awesome little day.

As we were driving to go get lunch Justin decided that we were gonna stop at White Post Farms because they make different types of breads on premise and he wanted me to check it out. We ended up picking up a few mini loafs and some apple bourbon cinnamon jam to have for breakfast tomorrow.
A few more minor detours later and we got to Besito, which is this awesome booshie Mexican place that I love love love. We ordered ourselves a big lunch (I always order the Budin De Mariscos, which was what I was craving) with some of their table side guacamole and a few their amazing side dishes (I highly recommend the Elotes De La Calle), and just ate until we could eat no more.
After lunch we decided to walk around, digest and possibly do a little shopping. As we drove in I noticed a little boutique called Milk & Honey, so I made sure that was the first stop on our after meal randomness walk. While there I picked up a new hat, a few vintage postcards and some sweet buttons.

Once I finished up at Milk & Honey we crossed the street and walked over to The Crushed Olive, which was this awesome store dedicated to olive oils, vinegars and cheeses. Boy, can I tell you I was in heaven. There is nothing more I love than a good loaf of bread with some olive oil to dip it in and a variety of cheeses, so even though we were full from Mexican we tried a bunch of their products. Honestly, if I would have known about this place ahead of time I would have skipped going to Besito and I probably would have dropped at least a hundred dollars on cheeses and oils for lunch. But since we did eat I just bought a tiny piece of black truffle Gouda (Which was $33.98 a pound, but worth it) to bring home.
Next on our little shopping walk was Crumbs. Even though we were both really full from all of the food we just ate we found the need to pick up a cupcake for each of us to have later on (I got a Monkey Business cupcake and Justin got himself a Carrot Cake cupcake).
When we were done choosing our cupcakes we decided to drive back to Justin's place, but not before hitting up a beer distributor so Justin could stock up on random beers for his beer fridge.We walked around for awhile, picked out a variety of beers and ciders (The ciders were for me because I really don't like beer) and then finally went home.

I really enjoyed the random day Justin and I had. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my Saturday.

The Facts Of Me...

FACT: As of next month Justin & I will have been dating for 10 years

FACT: My undergrad degree is in English because I needed to change my major after failing Psych Stats
FACT: Erin & I hated each other in middle school, as well as freshman year of high school

FACT: I only own two pairs of socks and I steal other peoples to wear when socks are necessary

FACT: I constantly have on HGTV or Food Network
FACT: As a child I refused to wear jeans

 FACT: People are shocked when I tell them I'm a librarian, they think I'm a makeup artist, teacher, artist, etc.

FACT: I believe in ghosts, as well as other paranormal things

FACT: I go to New York Comic Con every year for work

FACT: I have one tattoo

FACT: I cry every time I hear "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole

♥ FACT: I am slightly obsessed with Elle blogger Elsa Billgren & wish I could be her

FACT: My favorite non-alcoholic drink is an Arnold Palmer (Half iced tea & lemonade)

FACT: I'm a wealth of stupid facts & had a coworker tell me I should be on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

FACT: I curse like a sailor in everyday life (I try very hard not to curse here on my blog)

FACT: I love cemeteries

FACT: I collect old cameras, jade Buddahs, shots glasses, nail polish, matchbooks & card catalog cabinets

FACT: I am obsessed with Instagram (MisfitLibrarian)
FACT: I love shopping at thrift stores

FACT: I'm 27-years-old and I've only been to three weddings my whole life

FACT: I want a PHD in Library and Information Science

FACT: I make noises when you poke me

FACT: I love dying my hair unnatural colors and have been doing so since I was 12-years-old

FACT: I love blogging

Week In Instagram: January 20th-26th...

January 25, 2013

Friday's Letters...

Dear Left Index Finger: It has been over a week since my stitches have been taken out, think you could heal a bit quicker so I am able to bend you properly again? I can't stand not being able to hold on to things because you won't bend. Thanks!
This is as far as I can bend my finger currently
Dear Friends: I'm thinking about having a paintball party for my birthday, would you come if I had one?

Dear Stores That Sell Plus Size Clothing: Why don't any of you have a sexy little black dress with some sort of sleeve to cover my fat arms? I can't be the only fat chick that wants to look hot and cover my arms at the same time. Can you please talk to the designers you buy from and work on that? Thanks.

Dear Arm Fat: Please go away. That is all.

Dear People Working On The Library: Can you please get the building open ASAP? I really miss dealing with patrons and their randomness.

Dear "Julia": Can you please stop informing us that you need a "Java Jolt" every time you decide you want a cup of coffee? We don't care. Especially since you still fall asleep at your desk after having said jolt.

Dear Readers: Would it be gross if I posted pictures of the doctor stitching up my finger? Lemme know!

Join up with the Friday Letters link-up over at The Sweet Season.

This Just Pinned: Week Forty-One...

Here are the highlights of my week pinning...
(via: Pinterest)

If you want to see what else I have up on Pinterest you can check out my account here.

January 24, 2013

It's Okay...

It's Okay...
♥ To buy a new outfit for every occasion that pops up (i.e. - Bar hopping in NYC, bachelorette parties, etc)
♥ I wish it was Friday after 5PM so I can go hang out with "Favorite Page #1"
♥ To not be happy about having to do a storytime in a weird location
♥ To yell sometimes
♥ To sleep in until almost 12PM on a Sunday
♥ To not want to ask a coworker if they want to order lunch because you hate them
♥ To hate having to listen to voicemails
♥ Wishing that the winter was over and it was summer time
♥ To spend $100+ on a tanning salon package
♥ Only checking Facebook when an alert pops up about "important" people you stalk comes up
♥ To do linkup posts while at work

January 23, 2013

I Found George 59 Miles Away From Home...

As you all may or may not know, I'm a sucker for a bill with a 'Where's George' stamp on it and I just got a new one today. This particular bill took a 1 year, 80 day and 5 hour long trip at an average of 0.13 miles per day from Stanhope, NJ to get to my pocket.

Other Stamped Bill I've Found...
Twenty Dollar Bill, Serial# IB018---65B Series: 2006
One Dollar Bill, Serial# K3476---2B Series: 2003A

Twenty-Five Things That Make Me Happy...

After everything that has happened in the last month and a half (My mom being in the hospital, me getting sick, cutting my finger open on New Year's Day, etc) I figured it was time to think happy thoughts and start being more positive again. So here is my attempt to start doing so, I give you my newest list of twenty-five things that make me happy...

  1. Finding money with a Where's George stamp on it
  2. Tea parties
  3. Seeing that I have a comment on one of my blog posts
  4. Laying in a bed, watching TV & drinking wine with Erin & Maria
  5. Buying a new journal/notebook to write and doodle in
  6. Footie pajamas
  7. My daily greeting from Nella when I get home from work
  8. Heated blankets
  9. Knowing the first thing out of Phil's mouth when he calls me is "¡Hola Bitchtits!" (Weird I know...)
  10. Doctor Who references
  11. Finding a hidden can of Diet Cherry Pepsi in the fridge
  12. Glitter
  13. Staying in & playing video games with my boys
  14. Long hugs from Justin
  15. Finding a new place that makes French macaroons
  16. My friend's kids
  17. Knowing that searching Pinterest at work is considered doing work
  18. Cooking for people
  19. Headbutts from Erin's cat Star
  20. Surprise visits from my friends while I'm at work
  21. Getting mail
  22. Homemade Rice Krispie Treats
  23. Incorporate my random knowledge into everyday conversations (I know a lot of stupid things)
  24. When kids at the library draw me pictures
  25. Fondue
I'd love to know what makes you happy, leave me a comment bellow and let me know!

Adventures of a Misfit Librarian

January 21, 2013

Chock Full o'Birthdays Weekend...

I spent this past weekend celebrating birthdays. Saturday we had a belated birthday dinner for my mother at the house (Mainly because she refused to let us take her out to dinner on her actual birthday which was last Thursday). I cooked dinner for the family and the boyfriends, it was nice aside from the fact that we all didn't sit together at the dinning room table (Our dinning room is full of stuff we managed to salvage from our den after Hurricane Sandy hit and we have nowhere else to put all the stuff, so we couldn't move everything to clear the table). Everyone enjoyed the dinner I cooked (Or pretended to at least), but not as much as the amazing cake I picked up from Dortoni Bakery in Levittown (If you live on Long Island and you need a cake, go to Dortoni's. This was the second cake we've purchased from them and both cakes were amazing). Overall it was a nice little family dinner, even though everyone but my mother wishes we just went out to a restaurant to save on the dishes & such.
Sunday afternoon was Jack's first birthday party and I must say, Nicole and Eileen did it up with a sweet pirate theme. A bunch of us dressed up like pirates (Or at least had a skull and crossbones somewhere on our person), there was pirate music, a beautiful pirate ship cake that Eileen made, an awesome activities table for the children attending the party, etc. It was really a good time for a child's birthday party.
All of these birthday celebrations just made me start thinking about what I want to do for my birthday in March (I love planning birthday parties, especially my own). I'm thinking about staying on Long Island this year and maybe gathering my friends to play paintball at this indoor place in West Babylon. I'll have to ask around and feel people out to see if it'll be possible. I hope my friends are down because I think it could be awesome.