February 28, 2013

March Photo-A-Day...

Here is the photo a day list Fat Mum Slim made for March...
How to take part in March photo-a-day:
1. Using the list as inspiration, take a photo each day.
2. Share it on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FMSphotoaday You can also share on your blog or on Facebook ... or even keep the photos privately for yourself.
3. Check out other people's photos and like them or comment on them. 

February 27, 2013

Crap My Coworkers Actually Said...

It's been a long time since I've heard my coworkers say something so stupid that I've found the need to write about it, but today I got to hear the mother of them all and I had to share it with all of you.

So, I just overheard "Julia" have the most ridiculous phone conversation ever. She calls her hair salon and starts off with "Uh uh hello... I have uh an appointment tomorrow to have my hair cut and dyed, but there might be a problem with that... Well, uh on Saturday I'm going to have electrodes put on my head because I have to have a sleep study done and I wanted to know if that was too soon... Too soon after having my hair dyed... Will that interfere?... Will the hair dye interfere with the electrodes... Uh oh, okay... Thank you... I'll see you tomorrow."

I could not believe what I overheard. Thankfully "Marie" was in the room with me and heard it also because it was just so ridiculous I needed to make sure someone else was hearing exactly what I heard to validate that it actually happened. It was unbelievable.

February 25, 2013

Lay's Do Us A Flavor™ Finalist Taste Test/Review...

This might sound odd, but we're really into trying new potato chip flavors at my job. Whenever one of us goes somewhere and we find a flavor of potato chips we haven't seen/tried before we buy a bag and bring it back so we can all try it together. So as you can guess when Lay's came out with the finalist flavors (Cheesy Garlic Bread, Chicken & Waffles and Sriracha) from their Do Us A Flavor™ contest we had to get our hands on them. I happened to be the lucky one to find all three flavors at a Stop & Shop on the island and I obviously picked up a bunch of bags so I could try them out with the ladies at work, as well as with my family.
Since I saw my family first I did the first taste test, review or whatever you'd like to call it with them. We busted open the chips and I made everyone try the same flavor at the same time, then express their thoughts on it.

We kinda weren't thrilled by any of them. I mean, I made everyone choose their favorite out of the three but none of us were bowled over by the flavors. My mother who really wasn't happy with any of them picked Sriracha, my sister went with Chicken & Waffles, her boyfriend decided on Sriracha, Nella when given the choice of the three sniffed all of them and went with Sriracha, while I decided on Cheesy Garlic Bread.

It might sound silly, but we kinda liked them when eaten at the same time. We kinda made a "sandwich" out of them with two pieces of the Cheesy Garlic Bread with a Sriracha and Chicken & Waffles in between. The three of them combined seemed to have a better flavor than each individual chip.
Just like my family, my coworkers weren't impressed with any of the flavors when they tried them. None the less, as I did with my family, I forced them all to pick their favorite out of the bunch and they all decided on Sriracha.

Everyone in both of the tastings agreed that there was something lacking from all of the flavors or that there was something extremely artificial tasting about the chips. The Sriracha for instance wasn't spicy enough for peoples liking, while Chicken & Waffles just tasted like fake maple syrup to all of us and the Cheesy Garlic Bread tasted like a not so good mixture of Sour Cream & Cheddar chips with some garlic thrown in.

Overall, this was a fail Lay's part and I'm totally disappointed because I normally like their chips.

Cheesy Garlic Bread = 1
Chicken & Waffles = 1
Sriracha = 8

Winter Blues In The Air...

I don't know if the majority of my friends are dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder or what, but over the past week I've had to deal with three different friends who are totally down for one reason or another. I'm not going to go into what is wrong with them or who is dealing with what, but I just wanted to let everyone know that if there is a lack of posts on my part (There isn't necessarily going to be one) it's because I'm trying to help out my friends. Hopefully everyone will be happy and peppy soon so we can continue to do fun things that I can write about.

I hope none of you are suffering from the winter blues!

February 24, 2013

Sunday Social...

1. Biggest Middle School Fashion Mistake
I wore bandanas with almost everything because I was too lazy to do my hair.

2. Who Were Your Best Friends In High School?
The same people who are my best friends now... Erin, Phil and Chas.
3. What Was A Typical Weekend Like For You In High School?
Riding our bikes to Blockbuster, renting tons of terrible horror movies and watching them at someones house. Kinda sorta sounds like how we spend our weekends now, minus riding bikes (Most of the time) and Blockbuster.

4. Did You Have Any Boyfriends/Girlfriends?
Yeah and I'm still dating him. Our ten year anniversary is this week.

5. Did You Have Any Secret Codes With Your Friends?
We didn't have secret codes, but we did have marble composition notebooks and binders we'd pass back and forth to each other with notes inside. Oh, how I wish we had unlimited text messages like the high schoolers of today. Side note, I still have all of the notebooks and binders locked up in the trunk in my bedroom.

6. If You Could Relive One Day/Moment/Experience From Middle School Or High School, What Would It Be?
None of them. I hated middle school and high school.

February 23, 2013

February 22, 2013

This Just Pinned: Week Forty-Five...

Here are the highlights of my week pinning...
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February 19, 2013

Birthday Wish List...

March 4th is approaching, so I thought I'd make a list of random things that I'd like to get for my birthday even though I plan on pooling all of my birthday cash together & buying myself an iPad, but a girl can wish to magically get other things...

  1. 16GB iPad (White) - $499
  2. Doctor Ten's Sonic Screwdriver - $24
  3. Morning View by Incubus on Vinyl - $23.61
  4. "Vincent Travels" iPhone 5 Case - $37.51
  5. PX 680 Color Protection Instant Film - $23.49
  6. "You'll Miss Me if You Blink Twice" Poster - $49.99
  7. What Did I Buy Today?: An Obsessive Consumption Journal - $9.95
  8. Shabby Chic TOMS - $58.00
  9. ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case (White) - $169 Justin bought it for me!
  10. Diamond Candle (Lavender Lemon) -$24.95
Aside from what is above, I'd take anything from RedBubble that was Doctor Who or Sailor Moon related -- That's a big HINT HINT to my friends that read my blog who were planning on buying me something...

February 18, 2013

Bachelorette Parties & The Day After...

Saturday night I went out for my friend's (Whom I've known since middle school) bachelorette party and boy, we had a great time...

Like every other evening out it started when I finished getting ready (While listening to the sweet playlist I made) and got a ride over to the house where we were all meeting up. When I got there everyone there was still in sweats not dressed eating pizza, but it was cool because they quickly got dolled up and we had ourselves a little photo shoot before it was time for us to leave.

Naturally since it was a bachelorette party we had tickets to see a "male review" at a place called Hunk-O-Mania in New York City and plans to do a little bar hopping after that. Since we're all so classy we took a limo in and on the ride there we played little games like "How Well Do You Know The Bride" and "Never Have I Ever" obviously while drinking -- It was a fun ride over.

We got to the place were the "male review" was on time, yet we still had crappy seats and we couldn't really see the stage but we all didn't seem to care. We drank, danced in our little corner, got inappropriately touched by waiters in little underwear, constantly asked if we wanted "dances" and such, etc. It was fun but not because of the men in tiny underwear, they were actually really annoying and way too touchy for my liking.

After the Hunk-O-Mania show we piled into the limo and my one friend started telling the driver where we decided we were going next and the guy started telling us that it wasn't on the list of places for him to drive us. We started arguing with him about how we never had a list of places to go and that we were only ever asked about our start and end locations.

Obviously we got him to drive us where we wanted to go and that place was a bust, so we all hopped back into the limo and had him drive us to another place. Which is where we ended up staying the rest of the night getting free drinks from random dudes, doing body shots, having fourth meal and just having a grand old time.

I honestly don't know what time we got back from the city, but we all ended up scattered in our friend's house (Some passed out, others not). Erin and I stayed there for a while before her sober self drove my drunk self home, so we could sleep in our own beds.

Considering all of the tomfoolery that went on the night before I actually woke up pretty early Sunday. After chugging an entire carton of orange juice, showering and getting dressed I headed back over to my friend's house to hangout and check on how everyone else was feeling -- Everyone was feeling exactly like you'd expect someone to feel after partying the night before, but thankfully there was no vomit.

All of us just hung out at the house on the couches for a long time. We talked, had breakfast, looked at the terrible photos we took the night before that we all promised would never go up for the World to see, etc. Eventually at some point in the afternoon people started trickling out (Including my friend who lives in the house) and since a few of us had plans later on in the evening to go out to the restaurant Phil works at on Sundays we actually stayed a bit longer, still BSing.

Mid afternoon we decided it was finally time to leave so we picked up Erin and went out for a snack (Which was silly because we had plans to go to dinner, but whateves). While we were there enjoying our food my cousin Nick shows up with my friend's brother (They Facebook stalked us) and we all sat in this little restaurant talking loud and annoying the other customers. After tons of dirty looks we parted ways with the boys and took the scenic route to the restaurant.
When we got there the place was packed which sucked because we were going there so Chas could see Phil since she was only in New York for two days and he had to work. Despite him not being able to really talk to us we had a nice time and we actually made plans to hang out with him after he got off. So after we were done eating I drove our one friend home and Erin, Chas and I drove to Phil's apartment to hang out. We were there until 1:30am planning group trips, reminiscing about high school (June is ten years since we graduated -- We feel so old), eating cookies and a whole bunch of other good stuff. It was late to hangout on a work night but we all had a great time.

I cannot tell you how exhausted I am from this weekend, but it is totally worth it because it was awesome. I had the best time out with the girls and I was so happy to see Chas, even though it was for less than 48 hours. I can't until we're all together again.

February 16, 2013

Week In Instagram: February 10th-16th...

Getting Ready To Go Out Playlist...

Tonight I'm heading into New York City for a friend's bachelorette party and since I'm one of those people that needs to blast upbeat music while I'm getting ready to go out I made a playlist I could dance around to and share with you guys.

Get Ready With Me - Vol. 1 by Misfit Librarian on Grooveshark

Do you guys have any pre-going out things that you do? If so lemme know! And if anyone else is going out partying tonight I hope you have a great night!

February 15, 2013

Friday's Letters...

Dear Macklemore: Thank you for the song "Thrift Shop" and the video for it. I love love love it!

Dear Individual Who Pissed Me Off At Work: Just because I'm playing nice doesn't mean I forgive you or will forget what you said to me.

Dear Erin: Thank you for not flaking out on Valentine's Day like another one of our friends.

Dear Microwavable Dipping Chocolate: Why can't I microwave you more than once without you getting thick and gross? My chocolate covered strawberries looked gross after a while.

Dear Snow: Please don't stop by tomorrow. I have plans.

Dear People Who Entered My Beautiful Creatures Giveaway:  Good luck!!

Dear Followers: Thank you for being awesome!

Join up with the Friday Letters link-up over at The Sweet Season.


Library Articles...

Hip-Hop Library in South Bronx To Launch for Latin Youth
Washington's 'Presidential Library' Taking Shape
Tell The L.A. Public Library What You Want
Tracking The Books In Your Library
Inside a Librarian’s Library
Lyndon Johnson Library Releases Lady Bird Love Letters
Library of Congress Issues Plan to Preserve Recordings

This Just Pinned: Week Forty-Four...

Here are the highlights of my week pinning...
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February 12, 2013

Beautiful Creatures Press Screening & Review...

Last night I got to attend the press screening of Beautiful Creatures (2013) in New York City at the AMC Lincoln Square. They were nice enough to let me have a plus one, so obviously I brought Erin with me because she was so awesome and patient while I attended the press conference at New York Comic Con back in October (You can read all about that here if you'd like).
The screening was scheduled to start around 7:00pm, so we got there a bit early to pick up our tickets, get decent seats and some popcorn to munch on during the movie. I'm glad we did because the place pretty much filled up and I don't know about you guys, but I hate sitting too close to the screen.

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect since I had never done anything like this before. But it was like going to a normal movie minus the fifty million trailers before the film actually started and men in black suits with night vision equipment to make sure no one was trying to make a bootleg of the movie since it doesn't actually open in theaters until Thursday, February 14th.

So some popcorn, a large cherry Coke and 124 minutes later the movie was over and I was dying to talk to Erin about what we just watched, but she made a beeline to the restroom leaving me trailing behind. Because of this these two chicks ended up between us, and they spent the whole time on line complaining about the fact that Ethan wore "hipster" glasses and how could he have them if he was from such a small town in the south. There was at least five full minutes of "hipster" glasses commentary. I had to stop myself from interjecting and making a snarky comment about how even in Gatlin, South Carolina I'm sure they have internet access, so they can order stuff off of Amazon. Instead I kept quiet and waited to talk to Erin about the movie and mock the girls between us until we were about to walk out of the movie theater.

The verdict, both Erin and I really enjoyed the movie. I don't know if it was because we both love witchy things or what, but we agreed that it was an interesting and fun movie. Erin actually enjoyed it so much she decided that she wanted to read the 'Caster' series (I let her borrow my copy of the first book and I'm sure as you're reading this, she is reading the book). Also we are looking forward to seeing the sequels, press screening or not.
Okay, now that you kinda-sorta know about my press screening experience here is my official official review...

First I'd like to start off by noting that I'm not going to pretend like I analyzed the movie while watching it. I'm not a movie reviewer, so I wasn't watching it nitpicking or anything. I just went into it with the following in mind...
  1. It's a movie based off of a young adult book series, thus it is about and geared towards teens.
  2. Movies based off of books aren't always the same and to make sure to think of the movie as a separate entity.
That all being said, I absolutely adored this movie (Which I'm sure you totally didn't get from my ramblings above about the screening). It was funny, there was just the right amount of teenage angst, I cared about Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich) and Lena's (Alice Englert) relationship, I love love loved cousin Ridley (Emmy Rossum) and the biggest bonus of all, there were no sparkling vampires! So, if you enjoy a little witch craft and teenage romance, I say go for it and if you do lemme know what you thought about it!

February 9, 2013

Week In Instagram: February 3rd-9th...

Nemo Found Us...

I'm sure many of you know that the Northeast was hit this weekend by snowstorm Nemo, and seeing as I'm on Long Island I got to play in the mess Nemo left us with. So here are some of the pictures I took this morning before I was forced to help clean....

I wish I could have taken more photos, but there was just so much snow all over the place and Justin needed my help cleaning off cars and such. And by the time we were done I was freezing and didn't want to be outside anymore. Hopefully I'll get to take some more pictures tomorrow.

Any of you guys deal with Nemo this weekend? I hope you got to have fun before cleaning like I did!

February 8, 2013

This Just Pinned: Week Forty-Three...

Here are the highlights of my week pinning...
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February 7, 2013

Getting My Craft On...

Since my library still isn't open to the public and I'm doing various odd tasks or whatever you'd like to call them, I decided yesterday that I was going to make a bunch of craft demos for story times I'd like to do when we are once again open for business or as an outreach type program. And since I think my crafts are pretty flipping cute I decided to share them all with you (Exciting, I know), so maybe you can get inspired to be a little crafty today.
I found some version of all of the crafts above on Pinterest, so if you're interested in instructions you can find them if you click on my "Crafts For The Library" board.
On a side note, I know I haven't been the most exciting person as of late (I mean, aside from possibly breaking stuff and needing stitches) but I have a few interesting things coming up next week that I can't wait to share with all of you! I hope you're all out there doing wonderful things!

February 4, 2013

Oreo's Fight In The Library...

So, who saw the Oreo commercial that aired last night during the Super Bowl set in a library? How amazing was it?! I can't tell you how amused, yet mortified I was watching it -- The thought of someone knocking over bookshelves makes me want to cry. But yeah, I absolutely loved it and must say that it is now one of my favorite advertisements set in a library (And I've seen/posted a handful over the years). Good job Oreo!

If you missed it, here it is for your viewing pleasure...

February 3, 2013

Sunday Social...

1. If You Were Stuck On An Island What Are The Two Items You Would Want To Have?
My iPhone with headphones and a can opener because of the Looney Tunes cartoon Moby Duck (1965) where Daffy Duck is stranded on a desert island without a can opener and a case of canned food.

2. What Are Two TV Shows You’d Watch Over & Over?
Gilmore Girls and Criminal Minds

3. If Your House Was On Fire What 2 Things Would You Grab? (Aside from family, pets, etc.)
It's between my iPhone, my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 and my DSLR.

4. What Are Your Two Most Favorite Articles Of Clothing? 

My knit Uggs and sweats.

5. What Two Movies That You Saw In The Past Year Would You Recommend To Us?

Looper (2012) and Safety No Guaranteed (2012) were both excellent.
6. What Are Your Two Biggest Guilty Pleasures?
Cheez-Its and watching HGTV.

Birthday Dinners & Possible Broken Toes...

Yesterday was Lenni's birthday so Erin and I took her out shopping to this little boutique that we frequent and then to dinner at this sweet panini place not to far from her house. We spent hours at the restaurant eating, drinking and just bullshitting. We had intended on going to a bar or two after dinner but the three of us noticed that it was snowing outside so we decided to call it a night because it was getting bad.
After dropping Lenni and Erin off and making it all the way back to Justin's after driving in the snow, I walk down the stairs to get into his apartment and the second my foot hits the floor I slip, fall and slam my left foot into the side of his table. I start crying, Justin runs over to me and takes my shoe off. It didn't look terrible but my toe was throbbing and the top of my foot was all scratched up. So I ended up spending the rest of the evening with my foot elevated because it blew up and was swollen.

I'm not sure what exactly I did to my toe but it still is killing me today. I guess I'll just have to continue to ice it, leave it elevated and see what happens.

February 2, 2013