October 31, 2010

I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost...

Seeing as it is Halloween I figured that I should make a post about haunted libraries.

Most Haunted Library in America: Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana.
Willard Library’s Website:

The library even explains the haunting on it’s website here. In addition the library offers people views of the most haunted areas via web camera: here.

Other Haunted Libraries:
Lists of Books About Murders In Libraries:

Happy Halloween...

October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday...

"Favorite Page #2" turned twenty one today, so I spent the evening at his birthday party. His parents got a party room at a local restaurant and invited myself, as well as some of the other library staff members to his big party.

It was a lot of fun and I'm glad that I was invited. We drank, dances and ate. It was great.

October 29, 2010

Monster Mash...

I threw a Halloween party for the kids of the library today. It was an hour long, but we had a lot of fun. I had about sixteen kids attend, it was a good crowd -- I was happy with that none of the kids with pain in the ass parents showed up. The kids played games, danced, did crafts, ate snacks and listened to me read scary stories. I think I'll do it again next year.

Retirement Party Revisited...

I forgot that I had taken a picture of the cake from the retirement party. Here it is; white cake with chocolate pudding as the filling and vanilla whipped cream icing -- I didn't eat any so I don't know how it tasted, I heard it was good.

"It's time for some overdue rest and relaxation. Enjoy your retirement!"


I just re-dyed my hair red so it made me think of something that happened a few days ago while I was trying to help a little girl in the computer room. While I was in the room these teenaged boys asked me if I dyed my eyebrows. I explained to them that I did because my eyebrows are naturally super dark and since I dyed my hair red I need to do my eyebrows. The proceeded to ask me how I did it and I told them that I had to bleach them first. When I said that they were like "How did you use bleach without getting it into your eyes? Did you like splash it on?" They thought I used like Clorox® or something to do it. I had to explain to these teenage boys that you don't use liquid bleach to dye hair. It was an odd conversation

October 28, 2010

Retirement Party...

Yesterday we had a retirement party at the Library for one of the ladies that works in my department. After sixteen years of employment here she is leaving to do whatever it is that old people do after they retire.

It was a nice party thanks solely to me. My Department Head went on vacation last week into the middle of this week and left me with the task of harassing the entire staff for money to buy the retiree a gift & a cake. I collected all of the money, picked up the gift (an iPod Touch®), ordered & picked up the cake, as well as put together, order and pick-up lunch for my Department. I did everything for this woman's retirement party without any help from my coworkers.

As I was walking in yesterday with my huge purse, the gift, the half sheet cake and lunch (after being soaked by the rain) I got stupid comments from "Julia" and "Amy" about needing help or not doing something. "Julia" had the nerve to say to me that I didn't order her lunch -- That stupid stuttering bitch didn't tell me what she wanted or give me any money (I'd rather die than spot her a penny) , so no I didn't order her lunch. And "Amy" was all "Why didn't you ask us for help?!" Maybe because you are two of the stupidest people I have ever met?

Aside from my stupid coworkers the party went well. The retiree loved the gift and the whole party. She actually just called me here at the library to tell me how much she appreciated everything that I did and how much she enjoyed it. That made all of the bull worth it.


"Penny Arcade" by Jerry Holkins & Mike Krahulik (2007)

Library Articles...

Baltimore Man Charged in Library Sex Assault
Library Board Takes Public Comment On East Side Library
Library Patrons Make Emotional Case for East Side Branch

October 27, 2010

Larry The Loud Librarian #4...

October 26, 2010

Dress Code Policy...

Today was all about the draft of the dress code policy that was floating around the library. I unlike the majority of the staff got to see it today because I am a pain in the ass -- I annoyed our union president to show it to me (later on I found out it was in my Department Head's mailbox and I could have just looked at that one).

I actually got to look at it while my Director was in the room. As I read through it pointed out all of its flaws and how much, in this particular case, I think he sucks. At one point I said "You mean I can't wear my f#@k the police shirt, baggy pants that show off my ass crack and a baseball cap?! That's bullshit!" My Director just looked at me and said "Don't hate the player. Hate the game." I died laughing and had to walk out.

Things We Cannot Wear (That I Remember):
  • Spaghetti strap tank tops/halter tops*
  • Shorts of any kind
  • Thong flip flops/backless shoes
  • Ill fitting clothing (Too long, too tight, etc.)
  • T-shirts with slogans or writing on them
  • Hats**
* Can be wore if there is a cardigan wore over it.
** Unless wore for religious reasons.

But in all seriousness I get why he had to do it and a few people screwed things up for the rest of us, which I know is typically the case in situations like this. But I'm still pissed, because of these people I can no longer wear my sweet library/book themed t-shirts to work -- I wore my t-shirts properly, with a tuxedo blazer over them.

I guess at least we can still wear jeans because there was nothing in the draft about it. Also, I can still dye my hair weird colors and wear my headbands to work. I asked the Director, he said those things were fine. Thank God.

NOTE: Because the policy is not yet in effect I'm wearing t-shirts to work until it is.

October 25, 2010


I spent my entire day in the library working and putting in hours towards my internship. Here is what happens when one spends too much time in the library...

9:00 AM...

It is 9:00am, do you know where your coworkers are? I don't. "Amy" was supposed to be in at 9:00am and she isn't here. What the hell? Why can't people make it in on time???

October 24, 2010

Old Library Book...

I found this gem in the 800's while I was weeding for my internship on Thursday.

Title: Basic Technical Writing: Fifth Edition
Author: Herman M. Weisman
Copyright: 1985
ISBN: 0675202884
Call Number: 808.0666 W

Books, Books, Books...

The Acquisitions Clerk has been busy ordering and this is a small portion of the books I have had to deal with this week.

I actually enjoy having tons of books piled up on my desk because it gives me the opportunity to hide in the office. Especially if I know that difficult patrons are around. I love letting "Julia" and "Amy" deal with annoying, rude or stupid patrons -- I'm all about the schadenfreude when it comes to them.

October 23, 2010

Library Article...

In the Digital World, What is the Future of the Institutional Library?

Heroic Librarians...

"Favorite Page #2" posted this on my Facebook page: 20 Heroic Librarians Who Save The World.
"I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O'Connell, but I am proud of what I am... I am a librarian." - Evelyn "Evie" Carnahan The Mummy (1999)

That's Not My Job...

I dealt with the biggest douche bag ever today. I was standing at the Youth Services Department's Reference Desk when this short smelly homeless looking man walks up and puts a stack of VHS tapes on the desk. I look at him an politely tell him that he needs to check them out downstairs at the Circulation Desk. He gives me the nastiest glare and says "You have a computer. Why can't you check them out?!" I looked at him and said "I'm sorry, I can't check them out. It isn't my job. You'll have to go downstairs to the ladies at circulation." This pissed him off. "Why can't you check my items out?! You have a computer!!" I look him and repeated that it isn't my job to check out items and that he'd have to go downstairs. He continues to give me bitch face and says "If I called the Director I wonder what he'd say about it!" This is when I got pissed and I started to get loud with him. I said to him "If you called the Director he'd tell you IT ISN'T MY JOB!" Then the dude started mumbling crap and says he is going to report me to the Board of Trustees. I told him to go ahead and report me to the board because they'd agree that it isn't my job and that they wouldn't do anything to me about it because I'm the most well liked person in the Youth Services Department. Then I told him to get out of the department.

After all of this happened I warned the Adult Librarians about him and I called the Circulation Desk to tell the ladies down there. I found out when I was talking to the ladies at circulation that the dude isn't even our patron and that he causes problems downstairs. I need to tell my Director, Assistant Director and Department Head when I see them on Monday.

October 22, 2010

Press The Power Button...

I literally just walked into work and the first thing I notice is the no one turned the computers on in our computer room. This annoys me because I always get to work at least fifteen minutes early when I'm supposed to be in at 9:00am and I turn on everything. In addition I make sure that every program we need to do our job is up and running. How hard is it to turn on eight computers that don't need to be set to anything? These women really piss me off.

October 20, 2010

Book Acquisition...

Here is the latest addition to my personal library:

♥ "The Artist in the Office" by Summer Pierre (2010)

I was searching through ModCloth the other day and I saw this book. It screamed my name so I went and found it for less on Amazon and ordered it. I have only skimmed through it as of thus far, but I'll get to reading it soon.

Big Book...

"Nancy" by Guy and Brad Gilchrist (February 18th, 2000)

All By Myself...

The minute I walked into work today I was bombarded with randomness. It looked like a bomb exploded in our picture book room and the two people that were working looked at me and said they were both leaving at 1:00pm. On top of that the other people that were supposed to be in at 1:00pm were late.

I had to clean up the aftermath of the lazy parents and their children by myself, then take all of the toys out of the picture book room and hide them in our office so that I wouldn't have to deal with cleaning up again. Once I was done clean the two people that were supposed to be in at 1:00pm showed up.

I spent the rest of the day dealing with random questions, making craft demos, doing "Julia's" storytime, etc. Now I am sitting by my lonesome because no one can work extra nights because it is apparently so hard.

Teen Read Week...

Also because I didn't post in a few days I missed informing you all of Teen Read Week, which began on Sunday and ends this Saturday -- Better late than never I guess.

About Teen Read Week from the American Library Association:

Teen Read Week is an initiative of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). Teen Read Week started in 1998. This year's theme is "Books with Beat @ your library®," which encourages teens to read poetry, audiobooks, books about music, and more. Libraries across the world celebrate Teen Read Week with a variety of special events and programs aimed at encouraging teens to read for pleasure and to visit their libraries for free reading materials.

Why is it important to celebrate? For a lot of reasons! Teens have so many options for entertainment, so it's important to remind them to spend time reading for pleasure: it's free, fun, and can be done anywhere! Research shows that teens who read for fun have better test scores and are more likely to succeed in the workforce. Also, it’s a great chance to let your school or your public library communities know how important teen services are! Let teens know the possibilities that exist within your doors, and within the covers of books.

The Days of My Life...

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I was busy doing things with my family and friends all weekend. Here is a recap of the days I haven't blogged:

October 15th 2010:
I worked from 10:00am until 6:00pm with only "Amy" around because everyone else in my department seemed to have off for one reason or another. It was a boring day, but that is what you want when there are only two people working.

After work I went over to Justin's to have dinner with him and hang out, even though I had to leave early in the morning to drive to this haunted attraction with my family.

October 16th 2010: I went to Ulster Park, NY with my family and one of my sister's friends to go to the Headless Horseman Hayride -- Which according to the Travel Channel's show The Most Terrifying is the scariest hayride in the whole United States.

It was a lot of fun, I mean I wasn't scared because I am very aware of things around me but I had a good time. I loved watching my sister and her friend screaming in the haunted houses, it was like the best part of the whole thing.

October 17th 2010: I drove back home with my family from Ulster and then I headed over to Justin's apartment to hangout. We hung out, did random errands, had dinner and then I went to go watch Boardwalk Empire (2010) with my friends. Pretty tame day.

October 18th 2010: I didn't have to go into work until 4:30pm, so I slept in and had lunch with a few of my friends, then we went thrift store shopping. While we were out shopping we found an awesomely bad sweater that reminded us of the sweaters Bill Cosby wore in The Cosby Show (1984-1992) so we spent $2.00 and bought it. Now we have this Sisterhood of the Cosby Sweater* thing going on -- We even bought some pudding and the show's theme song to get us into the Cosby groove.

After shopping I went to one of the branches to do storytime and surprise surprise... No one showed up. While I was hanging around the branch for 30 minutes I had a patron ask me grammar questions and if I could type up a letter for her -- I hate people who do crap like this. I denied her on all fronts and hung out with the branch Page. Once it hit 5:00pm I picked up my friend from Cali and we headed over to the main branch so I could set up for video game night. I had a handful of kids come in to play video games, but it wasn't as packed as it has been in the past.

When I was done working my friend and I went out for dinner, then I had to go dye my sister's hair before heading over to Erin's apartment. We hung out for a couple of hours, did randomness and then I went home.

October 19th 2010: I woke up early so that my friend from Cali and I could go into Manhattan to go vintage shopping. We wandered around Soho and Chinatown for hours shopping and looking for epic accessories and clothing. We hit up What Goes Around Comes Around, Screaming Mimi's, Eye Candy and a few other stores. We had the best luck in Screaming Mimi's were I bought some jewelry and my friend bought an old cheerleaders outfit.

After vintage shopping we went on the hunt for a Ricky's (which is a big chain of beauty supply shops in NYC) so that I could buy myself two 88 eyeshadow palette, as well as one of each for my sister. On the way to Ricky's we saw Gary Busey filming at Famiglia Pizza for Celebrity Apprentice** (?-Present). When we were done at Ricky's we went to Pomme Frites for lunch -- FYI: The rosemary and garlic mayo is my personal favorite sauce.

When we were done eating we walked to Chinatown. We bought some randomness before heading back home. On the way home we decided we wanted Portuguese food for dinner, so we asked my sister if she wanted to join us and we were on our way. We all shared a starter and then we ate the same wonderful dish for dinner, lobster in champagne sauce. Once we devoured our food we went back to my house hung out and made crêpes for dessert. It was a glorious ending to my friend's trip and I will very much so miss her -- Especially since we spent the whole time she was here together, we spent so much time together she was telling everyone we were dating these past two weeks.

So, that was my past few days...

* Like the pants from Ann Brashares' young adult novel "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"
** Apparently if we would have stuck around longer we would have seen other celebrities because according to this article Lil Jon, Meat Loaf and others were there.

October 14, 2010

Attack Of The Bitchy Tutor...

While I was alone at work today I had the pleasure of being bitched out by a tutor because we do not offer copies of the High School's textbooks for circulation. I nicely told the man that we only have reference copies of the textbooks because that is what the High School donated them for and he proceeded to get nasty with me. He ranted that he was a tax payer, blah, blah, blah... And that it was unacceptable that we do not offer circulating copies. I apologized to him, he made a snarky remark and apparently went downstairs to Adult Reference to bitch.

I found out from the Adult Librarian that he mauled after myself that he is a local patron but his students are not and he meets them several towns over to tutor them.
  1. Why don't the students have their own copies of their textbooks to study from?
  2. The books were donated for the use of students in the district. Not tutors and their out of district students.
  3. I'm just the person who happened to be sitting at the desk, I have nothing to do with those particular books. Why are you getting nasty with me?!

All Work And No Play...

In addition to the popcorn madness I had to deal with a million patrons. We had some crazy foot traffic in the department today -- I can't even remember the last time the room was as busy. It would have been okay but one of my coworkers found the need to call in sick because it is too hot in the building. So I dealt with a lot of people today with no real break and we all know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

It was a long day. I had to deal with the OPAC going down, weird patron requests, lots of homework questions, teens waiting to jump other teens outside, non-English speaking children that I could not understand, the heat of the building, a bitchy Department Head, etc.

October 13, 2010

Popcorn Madness...

Okay, so "Julia" has been out for the past week and a half because she had to have her gallbladder taken out (I have no sympathy for the woman because I spent my twenty first birthday in the hospital because my gallbladder was inflamed/infected and I spent my spring break recovering from surgery. Plus the woman told someone in the department that she was going to the movies the other night, yet had a letter faxed over stating that she needs another half a week off from work -- She doesn't need almost three weeks to recover). Because she is out people have had to cover her programs, which she had set up ahead of time so that whomever just had to use the pre-selected materials. So, "Amy" has to do that storytime today and it was popcorn. According to the instructions "Julia" left the children were supposed to use popcorn to create some lame craft, so my Department Head told "Amy" that she needed air popped popcorn without anything on it for the craft. "Amy" looks at us and tells us she doesn't know how to make air popped popcorn. Really?! How hard is it to dump kernels into an air popper and plug it in?! Because she honestly had no clue I ended up making the popcorn for her.

So, the kicker in this whole story is the fact that she didn't actually end up using any of the popcorn I made because the parents (whose children are in kindergarten and first grade) wouldn't let their children near the popcorn because they thought it was a choking hazard, so instead of the popcorn they used cotton balls. What is this World coming to? Children can't enjoy a simple pleasure such as popcorn because it's a "choking hazard." I'm pretty sure my whole generation was fed popcorn and I have never heard of anyone I know choking on popcorn. I really hate all of the crap of all of these parents. If I ever have kids I'm feeding them popcorn and I'm making them an f'ing peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday, screw the kids with nut allergies! Ugh!

October 12, 2010

Library Articles...

NY Comic Con: Librarians Buying More Comics Than Ever
Make Life Easier: Ask a Librarian
Thomas Jefferson Dreamed Of Knowledge As 'Common Property': Can It Be Realized In A National Digital Library?

Room Temperature My Ass...

I don't know if anyone else deals with this at work, but we are currently in between seasons thermostat wise. What do I mean, you ask? Well, twice a year (between winter/spring and summer/fall) either the heat is turned off or the air conditioning is turned off, thus causing the staff to deal with an in between hell.

The air conditioning was turned off in the beginning of the week and it has been brutally hot throughout the building. The Director won't turn it back on so we are all forced to deal until the temperatures "even out." We don't have any windows in my entire department, so we are extra screwed. I don't typically complain about being hot. It is normally the opposite, I'm usually cold and complaining to the Hot Flash Club about their need to have all of the fans on in the Department. So this temperature hell is killing me.

October 11, 2010

This Is Screaming Photo Op...

I must note to the World that since Friday night I have actually found several photos of either myself or my friend who is visiting from Cali on various blogs that were covering New York Comic Con (NYCC). I just thought that it was pretty neat & I should post about it.

Teen/Tween Reading Club Party...

Today my day consisted of a million notes taped on to my desk pertaining to a half a million various topics -- Mostly the teen/tween reading club party that I had to throw this fine evening. It was crazy the number of instructions taped to the desk. I don't need someone to hold my hand through every step of planing a pizza party for teens and tween, geez.

After plowing through all of the notes on my desk I had to get the ball in motion for the party. I had to figure out how many children RSVPed and how many children would just show up without any warning (I actually lectured the children who didn't RSVP about needing numbers to know how much food to buy, etc). I got the proper amount of money to order pizza and drinks for the children, then I called the pizza place hours ahead of time telling them that I needed four pies by 6:00pm. Once this was all done I didn't actually have to do anything until it was time for me to set up the room with the prizes and such.

The party lasted from 6:00pm to 7:00pm and the seventeen kids that showed up ate all four pies that I had ordered and made a mess of the room during the process. But they had fun so it was all good. I made sure everyone won a prize and that they were all happy. So the party was a success and I don't have to worry about another one for several months.

Day Two: NYCC '10...

Sorry I didn't actually post this on Saturday or Sunday. After we left the Con Saturday the rest of weekend just ended up being crazy busy.

Saturday my friend and I left early so that we'd get to Comic Con early enough to get seats for the "Your Highness" panel with James Franco and Danny McBride. While waiting for the panel to start we saw this guy whom we had met the day before running around and taking pictures for Vitamin Water. We said hi to him, he took a photo of the two of us and right before the panel started he ran up to us with two bottles of Vitamin Water and told us to enjoy the panel -- Yay free beverages!

After the "Your Highness" panel, my friend and I started to wander around. She bought some Star Trek action figures for her and her boyfriend. Eventually my boyfriend called and said he was on his way with his cousins, so we headed towards the main entrance so he wouldn't have to "wander amongst the freaks to find us." He and his cousins found us and we headed toward Artist Alley and then the main hall. It was crazy crowded, so after a long period of time just trying to waddle through crowds we decided to head down to the Anime Festival.

The Anime Festival portion just ended up being a mini Artist's Alley for random artists and what looked like a bunch of prints from deviantART. But Justin's cousin loved it, she was dressed up like Ed from Full Metal Alchemist and she kept getting stopped for pictures and people came over to hug her -- It was cute.

Eventually she received a text from one of my Drawing Club kids whom she is friends with so we battled the crowd so that she could find him -- It took forever to get through that crowd. She saw him for all of two minutes because you just couldn't stand around because of the crowds and we had to be herded off with the other cattle. We tried shopping for a bit, but it wasn't happening so we went down to the food court to get something to eat. This also took forever and the food was horrible, I should have just walked to the street with my friend and gotten something from a street vendor for lunch.

After finishing the terrible pizza Justin and his cousins went to look around the main hall, while my friend and I decided to go into the IGN Theater to wait for the V panel to start. But we sat there for a bit and decided that if we actually waited and sat through the entire V panel that we'd be super late for the dinner that we had planned with our friends later on that evening, so we decided to leave NYCC and go back to my house to change into normal people clothing.

Panels Attended: 1
"Your Highness"

Photos Taken of Me:
Photos Taken of My Friend: 2

NOTE: I have a pretty awesome story that is NYCC related, but since it's not yet known to the World I can't spill the beans, but once it is I'll post about the epicness.

October 8, 2010

Day One: NYCC '10...

Today was the first of my two day stint at New York Comic Con (NYCC) and it couldn't have been better. The day started off with me waking up at 6:30am so I could get ready, then go drive to Lenora's house so that we could take the train together. We got into NYC a little bit before 9:00am and headed from Penn Station to the Jacob K. Javits Center. We got our passes relatively quick, then I changed into my Batgirl costume and then we waited on line until 10:00am when Professional Hours started. We wandered around the floor gathering swag till it was time to go to one of the Professional Panels.

Around 12:30pm my friend from Cali met up with us and we went to help her change into her costume -- She was dressed as the Phoenix (Jean Grey) from X-Men. We continued to wander around the exhibit hall where we had tons of people asking for pictures of us together, with them or just one of us on our own. We were so busy with photos that we were late to the Zombie Apocalype panel.

After the panel we saw Seth Green setting up to sign autographs and we obviously took pictures -- The line was way too long to wait on. Since that line was horribly long we wandered around some more, shopped a bit, I got stopped to take a photo and it ended up being for Library Journal, which I'm super excited about. Once that was done with then we tried to go get Sherrilyn Kenyon's autograph and a picture with her for my cousin -- That like was crazy long so that didn't happen. We decided we needed to sit for a while so we took a twenty minute break before looking around some more, got asked to do a video for some zombie sci-fi channel and then heading back home.

Panels Attended: 2
"Why Graphic Novels Should Be In Your Library"
"How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse"

Photos Taken of Me:
Photos Taken of My Friend: 44

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* There is a photo of my friend and I on the second page

October 7, 2010

Dating Fetish: Librarians...

This article from Time Out New York has been floating around the offices in my library for over a year now and I just found my photocopy in my bedroom. It's silly but hey, why not?

October 5, 2010

Blah Blah Blah...

Here is something I have been dealing with, comments from the entire library staff on my color change. The following are just a handful of the comments I've heard in the past two days:


When ever the weather is bad people tend to stay out of the library (at least my library, I don't know about others), so honestly nothing major or crazy exciting has happened in the past week and a half. Like today I spent the day formatting the artwork of the winning bookmark contest designs, driving all the way to one of our other branches to do Preschool Storytime with zero children, interning on Adult Reference and sitting around at the Youth Services Reference Desk hoping I could help some with something or at least yell at a child.

The most excitement I've had at work within the past week has been while I've been downstairs interning at Adult Reference. I've witnessed several old people go bat shit for really stupid reasons -- None that I can honestly recall properly to describe to you all. Next time it happens I promise I'll blog about it ASAP so I remember.

Library Articles...

Library Makes List Of Most-Read Books On Shelf
The Kids Who Fight For A Library
Public Libraries: Endangered or Saved?
The 21st-Century Librarian
Checking Out New Library: Inside Morgan Museum's $4.5M Restoration
Author To Advocate For Gender Equality At Forest Hills Library
Battery Park Librarian Keeps A 'Mad Men' Reading List Of Books Featured On The Show
Cash-strapped Queens Public Library Lays Off 46 Workers After Attempts To Save Jobs Fail

Library Vocabulary...

October 4, 2010

Ginger Librarian Trainee...

So, after I blogged about my blah Sunday I got my sister to dye my hair red. It took forever and a year but I think it was totally worth it.

Here is my artistic rendition of my hair transformation:

Here is what my hair actually looks like:

Thoughts on the red headed librarian trainee?

October 3, 2010

First Sunday...

Today was my first Sunday working of the new "Sunday Season" and it was super boring. I spent my day signing kids up for the computers. At least I got paid double time.

So, yeah... Blah Sunday but the rest of this week should be fairly exciting. On Wednesday one of my friends is coming to visit from California, so I took a bunch of days off to hang out with her. And Friday is the first of my two day stint going to New York Comic Con! Super stoked, I cannot wait to go.

Larry The Loud Librarian #3...

October 2, 2010

Road Trip...

Today I really went on an adventure, my roommate from college and I took a four hour drive up by the university we went to just to have lunch at this little whole in the wall Chinese restaurant that we loved while we were there. It was awesome. We ordered five different family sized meals to eat while we were there and I ordered about $100 worth of food to go because my sister begged me for various menu items and I can't just take that trip often, so I needed to enjoy it all while I could.

Also while we were up by the university we stopped by the campus to see all the changes they've made since we've each graduated (I graduated in 2007 and she graduated in 2009). It was heartbreaking. I also found out while I was there that the school is wasting $16,000 to bring Snooki from Jersey Shore to the university to teach students how to tan, make a poof and fist pump. The fail of the university was made better by the fact that I got to see one of my friends that is still going to school there. After catching up for a bit my roommate and I took the four hour drive back.

As crazy as everyone thinks I am for driving eight plus hours just for food, I had a great time with my friends and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Also, if I didn't have work tomorrow I would have spent the weekend there.