December 31, 2015

Year In Review: 2015...

♥ Turning the big Dirty Thirty.
♥ Going to Iceland and Amsterdam with Justin, Phil, Rob, Erin and Day.
♥ Celebrating mine and Justin's one year wedding anniversary.
♥ Getting rid of my 1998 Saturn after driving it for twelve years.
♥ Attending Alana & Allie's wedding, as well as Lisa & Andrew's.
♥ Trips into NYC for lots of "wedding" pizza.
♥ Welcoming my sister to the gallbladderless club.
♥ Going on Phil's annual rafting trip.
♥ Seeing the Foo Fighters twice at Citi Field.
♥ Finally dragging Phil and Justin out to Camp Hero.
♥ Going back to school to work on my directors certificate.
♥ Fat Kid Dinners.
♥ Attending the NYC Wine & Food Festival Tacos & Tequila Party hosted by Chef Aarón Sánchez.
♥ #DirtyThirtyOCMD -- Going to Ocean City, MD for the third year in a row.
♥ Going to numerous movie screenings.
♥ A long overdue day drinking trip in NYC with my college friends.
♥ Finally going to the Brooklyn Flea Market.
♥ Not being a beast and still having cheese left over from Amsterdam (This is a big deal).
♥ Seeing "On Your Feet" on Broadway with my sister.
♥ Taking my sister and my father on On Set Location tours throughout NYC.
♥ Helping "Favorite Page #1" get ready for her upcoming wedding.
♥ Seeing Incubus at Jones Beach with my sister, her boyfriend and Liz.
♥ Getting Justin to eat sushi.
♥ Attending my sixth New York Comic Con.
♥ Putting together the first annual Squirtfest with my friends.
♥ Finally being rid of the coworkers that drove me nuts all these years.
♥ Going on hikes with Justin and exploring new parks.

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