January 1, 2012

Year In Review: 2011...

Adventures Of The Year 2011: Highlights... (Not in any particular order)
  • Finally finishing my Masters Degree & walking in graduation.
  • Spending a week in Aruba with my family.
  • Getting my first tattoo.
  • Seeing a baby seal on the beach.
  • Celebrating my one year blogiversary.
  • Spending the weekend in Gettysburg, PA with my mother & sister.
  • Making new friends and pen pals.
  • Creating the Tintin drinking game with Phil.
  • Spending a week in Miami at my Tio & Tia's condo.
  • Driving from Miami to Long Island with my cousin.
  • Going to see Incubus, the Foo Fighters & Soundgarden in concert.
  • Getting 100% on my Civil Service Exam.
  • Magically becoming a dog person, at least for Nella.
  • Becoming addicted to tanning.
  • Creating my bucket list.
  • Starting a record collection.
  • Many wonderful nights out with my friends.
  • Learning that I love the drink Miami Vices.
  • Finding new and fun places in New York City.
  • Etc.
Favorite Posts Of The Year...
Favorite Photos Of The Year 2011... (Not in any particular order)

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