December 31, 2013

Year In Review: 2013...

♥ Moving in with Justin
♥ Vacationing in Cancun with Erin, Day & Chas
♥ Attending B&C and M&W's weddings
♥ Learning that I love Brussels sprouts
♥ Spending time with my family
♥ Attending LatinTRENDS 100th issue party
♥ Finally getting back to work after Hurricane Sandy
♥ Going on Phil's annual rafting trip
♥ Forming relationships that I wish I would have made earlier, better late than never
♥ Throwing my first party at my apartment
♥ Attending Lucky FABB & meeting Niki, Paulette, Emily, Jen, Charlotte, Sarah & Alicia
♥ Spending Labor Day weekend in Ocean City, MD with Erin, Day, Toni, Nick, etc.
♥ Celebrating 10 years dating Justin
♥ Discovering that I love wearing my hair down and curly
♥ Having the best friends that anyone could ever ask for
♥ Lazy days at the beach
♥ Making our apartment my own
♥ Daytripping in Atlantic City with my sister, Erin and their work peoples
♥ Having the opportunity to partner with amazing companies
♥ Seeing Stephen Lynch in concert
♥ Discovering how amazing it is having a waterproof camera
♥ Surviving knowing that I graduated high school ten years ago
♥ Scoring awesome thrift store finds
♥ Going on random day dates with Justin
♥ Having amazing readers

JANUARY (There aren't many posts because I cut my finger, had stitches & couldn't type)












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2013 Favorites by Misfit Librarian on Grooveshark

2013 has been an interesting year to say the least. I've had all the wonderful things I've mentioned above happen, as well as some pretty shitty things. But you have to take the good with the bad and here's hoping 2014 is just as good or better than 2013.

Stay safe today and enjoy your New Year's Eve! I'll talk to you in 2014.

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